In addition to her work as a professional performer and composer, Jocelyn is a dedicated vocal coach and music instructor. She has over 18 years experience as a private singing teacher to students of all ages and levels (from 5 to 75--kids to professionals), in a variety of styles ranging from Broadway to opera, pop, rock, soul, blues, and specializing in vocal jazz. She holds a Master’s degree in Vocal Jazz Performance from Manhattan School, a Bachelor’s in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music of Music and studied opera and classical voice at Stanford University. In addition to her degree credentials, Jocelyn is certified in all levels of master vocal pedagogue Jeannette LoVetri's Somatic Voicework™, a functional, body-based method of vocal training whose techniques have been adapted by a number of Jocelyn's most influential instructors including Theo Bleckmann and Luciana Souza.

Outside of running a personal vocal studio, she works as a teaching artist with MIMA (Music Improvisation and Media Academy) in Brooklyn, and as a Master Class Clinician at institutions throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Most recently Jocelyn concluded a 6-month position working as Head of the Vocal Department at the True School of Music in Mumbai, India, an affiliate school of Manhattan School of Music, where she helped develop the institution’s contemporary vocal and instrumental curriculum and taught courses in vocal technique, Blues, Rock, Jazz, music theory, ear training, and sight-singing. Since returning from India, she continues her own long-distance lessons in traditional Hindustani voice with Mumbai-based master instructor Tulika Ghosh, and is excited to share these newly discovered approaches to music with her own students.

Jocelyn is available for individual and group classes in vocal technique, composition, music theory, performance coaching, or a combination there of. Lessons commonly incorporate technique work (breathing, placement, warm-ups, exercises and ear training) along with repertoire, style, interpretation, phrasing, and improvisation. Each class is unique and varied, adapting to the needs and direction of each particular singer. In addition, she offers clinics and workshops on the institutional level in the various topics listed velow. Her teachings are offered in both English and Spanish, as well as in person or via Skype, to anyplace in the world (provided there is an internet connection!).

TOPICS for Workshops and Master Classes:

Vocal Technique (breathing, registration, placement, tone quality, intonation) and principles of Somatic Voicework® methodology, Jazz voice, Improvisation, Ear-training, Song Interpretation and Delivery, Stage Presence, Microphone Technique, Rhythm Section Direction, Repertoire Development, Composition and Songwriting, Western/Jazz Harmony and Theory, Brazilian Vocal Styles, Classical Hindustani (Indian) Vocal Techniques (including Ragas and Sargam, “Sa Re Ga…" Practice and Application)


Singing to me is a person channel of art, health, and feeling—a therapeutic outlet to enhance self-esteem and express emotion. In my classes, I strive to help my students experience this creative encounter between their bodies and minds, develop their musicianship, guide them through technical challenges and find their individual voices.

Just as music is a dynamic, ever changing and evolving cultural force, my teaching strategies vary according to the demands of the subject matter and the specific needs of my students. Every singer has the potential to succeed, whether in his personal goals, professional goals or both. As each vocalist’s instrument is unique and each singer’s mind-body awareness quite personal, I try to establish the classroom as a safe and comfortable space of non-judgement in which questions are encouraged, risks are taken, vulnerability is welcome, and experimentation is essential. Building solid technique for healthy, free vocal function is a key element in my classes, regardless of musical genre, with the ultimate goal of enabling each singer to convey the most emotional and sincere message possible with their instrument, while having a great time in the process. We are all improvisers, both as students and instructors, so I encourage my students to try new things, perhaps make mistakes and then learn from those mistakes, just as I myself do as both an educator and as an artist. I learn a great deal from my students, both from past musical experiences they bring into the classroom as well as their new creative ideas and approaches to music making.

In my own academic, artistic and spiritual education, I am fortunate to have had a variety of both effective and passionate mentors who inspired me to pursue my dreams while also providing concrete methods to make those dreams a reality. I challenge my students with high expectations while providing them with as much clear, organized information and practical structure as possible. I believe my role is to guide each student to a place where she taps into her personal reservoir of potential to develop an individual artistic voice. In the words of Greek writer and philosopher Niks Kanzantzakis, "True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own."

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