mike gomez

Caught your wonderful performance at Fox&Crow this past Saturday night. Thank you!
As I type, I finally get a chance to listen to your new CD. Love it! Just wanted to say Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you again. Peace!

Mike Gomez

doris athineos

So much talent. What a beautiful voice. Poetry!

John & Pat Mehalyak

just left your show in milford. You were wonderful. Please put us on your mailing list and come back soon.
Thanks to you and your band.

Christopher Levine

Hi, my name is Chris Levine. You have an awesome voice and great songs...

I am a displaced Californian living in Texas and I am glad to have found you here. I promise I am not spam or a weasel...I am also a married-dad-guy writing with no pretenses except for sincere appreciation for your art.

I have a free site called Eclectic, Inc. where I review local shows and promote artists for free. All members are either singers/musicians or just plain music lovers. I would LOVE it if you would register as a member.

There is no catch to joining. I just love music and my site is my biggest outlet as a frustrated artist. It is and always will remain free.

Here's the address: www.thebestsiteofalltime.webs.com

Either way, thanks for sharing that music with the world!

Chris Levine


Ah! Se me olvidaba decirte que estuviste fantástica con Latino (Paco para los amigos) y que tu música no sólo me sorprendió, sino que me gustó mucho. Tienes un alto nivel técnico, pero lo mezclas extraordinariamente bien con una tonelada de sensibilidad y simpatía, así que gracias por tu entrega en el escenario y por tu cariño.
Al día siguiente, en clase Latino nos preguntó por tí, y le dijimos todo esto.
gracias, pues por todo.

Otro saludo.



Hi, Jocelyn
I was talking to you last saturday during the concert in Madrid. Do you remember?. I'm a friend of Martin Carril from RAdio Círculo.
I've been looking for you in facebook but I can't find you.
I only want to salute you and to tell you that we enjoyed a lot the concert.
I'd like to keep in contact for future venues to Madrid, if you give another concert or even, who knows, if I can go to NYC


I really enjoyed hearing you and your wonderful band at the Zinc Bar! The room has surprisingly good acoustics and you sounded great!


Hear you and your wonderful voice at Klangbühne Gaggenau( Germany ). It was a pleasure fore me to hear you and your Band, everytime again when you´r back in germany.

Greetings from germany !

macy chen

I like your music & website !!!! Nice !!!! Very nice !!! Macy


You have a great site! I am looking forward to your next CD!

Amy Cervini

Hey - Was nice to meet you last night! Please add me to your list. Would love to hear you. The stuff on here sounds great.




Yay! Great site, Jocelyn! Can't wait to hear the new record! ; )