Common Ground | New Album

"Common Ground" evolved over the course of many journeys, both personal and geographical. From healing broken bones and family bonds, to feeling hope beneath the weight of heavy burdens, I am deeply moved by the power of the human spirit - a theme that runs throughout the lyrics of these songs.

Jocelyn Medina has a pure, fluid voice that's sometimes reminiscent of Flora Purim and sometimes of Joni Mitchell, but she clearly has her own style. Her lyrics reflect the influence of a Buddhist worldview and a strong social consciousness. Medina says, "I don't make up stories. My lyrics grow from the things I observe, from the flow of humanity, and from just living in New York City." Medina wrote and arranged all the compositions on this CD.
-- Review by World Jazz News --

Track List:
1. Two But Not Two
2. Common Ground
3. Meant To Be
4. Slow It Down
5. Sink Or Swim
6. Simple
7. Break Through
8. Second Thought
9. Waiting For

We Are Water | 2011

On “We Are Water,” her sophomore release, Jocelyn is accompanied by a veteran band of international all-star players including Rodrigo Ursaia, Kristjan Randalu, Miles Okasaki, Raphael McGregor, Aidan Carroll, and Bodek Janke. The album features 10 original compositions and one arrangement of the prolific Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal, showcasing intricate plays of vocal, horn and flute lines, and multi-layers of drums and percussion.

… her latest endeavor entitled We Are Water is a tour de force… With Medina’s ensemble, the conversation is compelling and the ensemble is tasteful, while Medina conveys the lyrical and musical storyline, but when it’s time to solo, each musician adds to the fabric; binding and uplifting the entire project to its true purpose of bringing joy and unselfishly designed pleasure to the listener… Certainly, all of her training was a strong foundation, but to Medina’s credit – she has taken that foundation and built a skyscraper, shining in the NY sun, with We Are Water.
-- Review by Constance Tucker, All About Vocals --

Track List:
1. Cosmic
2. We Are Water
3. April 4th
4. My First Love Song
5. Natural
6. Time and Place
7. Same Mistakes
8. Feel Free
9. Make Change
10. Close to Home
11. Reason

The Journey Begun | 2005

The sounds and styles of vocalist/composer Jocelyn Medina cross cultures, creeds & continents. Her original music fuses elements of Brazil, Spain, Africa and India with jazz harmonies, funk grooves and adventurous improvisations. Jocelyn gathered much of her eclectic mix of artistic influences during the four years she spent living in Madrid, Spain from 2001-5. During that time she performed in jazz festivals and venues throughout Europe and recorded this, her first full-length CD of original compositions, “The Journey Begun” featuring the local talents of Dan Rochlis, Bob Sands, Antonio Serrano, Antonio Miguel and Pedro Barcelo.

Track List:
1. Grateful
2. Pride
3. As One
4. So Long
5. Womanless
6. Be Here Now
7. Full Circle
8. Tell the Truth
9. Fair Trade
10. Over Again
11. Sola